The Ikon Systems Range of Penthouse louvres provide an aestheticaly pleasing architectural solution to the termination of roof mounted ventilation units or emergency smoke exhaust systems when used with smoke shafts etc. offering the ability to handle exceptional air volumes using either natural or forced ventilation.

Single units may be used for both intake and discharge purposes, by fitting single or multiple insulated or non insulated divider plates.

All units are custom made to your exact specification, and are usually sized to match a duct/curb apature. The hight of each unit is often dependent on airflow requirement. Units are usualy delivered powder coated within 10 working days or less.

Louvre blade sizes available are 50mm, 75mm or 95mm depending again on air flow requirements.

Bird mesh or insect mesh may be fitted to the rear of the units to prevent birds, insects or other foreign objects penetrating the louvre.

Drainage channels may also be fitted within the unit to help expel any driven rain water that may enter the unit.

Blanking plates may also be fitted to disable parts or all of the units.

Penthouse louvre roofs are flat, sloping, hipped or custom and my be un-insulated or insulated with foam or plywood sheeting.

Louvred inspection/maintainance doors may be fitted and integrated to one or several sides as required.

Larger size penthouse louvres are supplied in multiple sections for on site bolted assembly.