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Ikon Systems are a specialists in the manufacture of louvre modules and continuouse louvre systems. We have extensive knowledge and experience in our field and pride ourselves on offering high quality products backed with outstanding service and back up at very competitive prices.

We have 4 generic louvre systems based on alternative blade pitches of 33mm, 50mm, 75mm and 95mm. All systems are based on an ingeniouse blade support and click-clip system allowing fast and simple fabrication particularly beneficial to onsite fabrication of our continuouse louvre systems.

We offer a variety of outer frame options including glaze-in, flanged and rebated. Shaped louvres are possible as well as single and double door-sets and pent-house modules.

The key features of these product groups are detailed below:

  • Glazed-in (IKL332), Flanged (IKL331), Rebated (IKL333), Surface Mounted (IKL334) or continuouse versions
  • 20, 24 or 28mm glaze-in options
  • 33mm blade pitch
  • Maximum Free Area of 55%
  • Incorporates insect mesh

IKL331 Flanged Louvre Data Sheet

IKL332 Glazed In Louvre Data Sheet

IKL333 Rebated Louvre Data Sheet

IKL334 Surface Mounted Louvre Data Sheet

IKCL33 Continuouse Louvre Data Sheet
  • Glazed-in (IKL502), Flanged (IKL501), Recessed (IKL503) or continuouse versions
  • 24mm glaze-in standard
  • 50mm blade pitch
  • Maximum Free Area 75%
  • Incorporates insect mesh

IKL501 Flanged Frame Louvre Data Sheet

IKL502 Glazed In Louvre Data Sheet

IKL503 Recessed Louvre Data Sheet

IKL505 Custom Glazed Louvre Data Sheet

IKLC50 Continuouse Louvre Data Sheet

IKL506 SGG Louvre Data Sheet

IKL506 SSG Structurally Glazed Louvre

IKL751 Flanged Frame Louver Data Sheet

IKL752 Glazed Louver Data Sheet

IKL753 Louver Data Sheet
  • Continuouse Louvre
  • 95mm pitch
  • 110mm height of blade
  • Maximum Free Area 82%

IKCL95 Continuouse Louvre Data Sheet