Ikon Systems custom made Industrial grade Acoustic louvre modules, have been specifically developed to provide outstanding Airborne noise reduction, as well as excellent permanent ventilation and weather protection for noise sensitive environments.

The modules are designed to be fixed into walls, glazed into fenestration or positioned at ducted fan terminals to reduce break out noise from plant rooms, car parks, industrial buildings ect.

The modules are manufactured from folded zinc plate or Aluminium sheet with a peripheral channel frame , containing profiled louvre blades filled with controlled density mineral wool and faced with perforated sheeting.

Due to their bulky industrial appearance, acoustic louvers may be used as a design feature in their own right, or as is becoming more common, shielded from view by fitting other Ikon standard louvre modules in front of the acoustic units to enhance or match other louvers used on a particular site.

Available in 3 different depth options of 150mm, 300mm and 550mm, each offering varying levels of acoustic sound reduction and air flow.

The units may be manufactured in any practical size taking into account overall weight and on site handling conditions (see table 1.a below).

The modules may be mechanicaly joined vertically as well as horizontally and may be banked or double banked depending on application.